Thursday, June 2, 2011

Still alive! Some exciting things coming up ahead!

So it's been a long while and I have some things planned for this coming summer season. First off I would like to introduce Roserie's blog and Etsy for her latest jewelry line inspired by my Queen's Candy collection~! She made some fantastic bracelets that I hope many of you would enjoy.

Second I would like to announce some up coming events~! As many of you know here on the east coast, there will be a Lolita fashion show for Otakon 2011. I will be one of the featured designers among many other indie designers to show their latest collections. I do have a secret mini summer collection I will be showing, but will only be seen and sold at Otakon exclusively. More details on the actual fashion show to come very soon as it is still in the planning stages. I would also like to mention that Roserie (Aisha) and I will have an Artist Alley table at Otakon~! Please come check our stuff out if you are going to this awesome event.

Finally~! I do have some accessories I have been making to sell exclusively at my artist alley table for Otakon. Photos of my sample pieces to come very soon~! Also, this Saturday June 4th is International Lolita Day. I hope many of you will come out and enjoy the day wearing your best dress~! <3