Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday Sales and Last day for Pretty in Dots JSK order!

Tomorrow is the last day to order "Pretty in Dots" JSK before the holidays! The listing will go inactive until the beginning of January. Also~! This is the last week to take advantage of the Little Macaron Holiday Sale~! Everything in the sale section is 20 to 50% off! Queen's Candy JSK set in pink is 25% off! Pretty in Dots mini skirt in black is 20% off! Don't miss this chance~! Sale ends on the 18th.

After the 18th, the shop will be closed for the holidays and will reopen in the beginning of January. So check it out while you still can!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Holiday Sales in Little Macaron Etsy Shop!

Having a store wide sale~! 20% to 50% off on certain items! Pretty in Dots skirt is now 20% off, Fairy Kei tulle headbows now 50% off! Sale will last till Dec 20th! Happy Black Friday and holiday season!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pretty in Dots JSK and collection is slowly coming to a close. Now's your last chance to own this really cute dress~! I am currently working on an order for the JSK and just re-listed the dress in the Little Macaron Etsy Shop for one more dress to be made. This listing will last till mid Dec before the holidays!

Also! Please use the coupon code "PrettyDots" to get free shipping on your purchase! Don't let this chance pass you by! <3

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pretty in Dots Mini Skirt

New item from the Pretty in Dots collection~! A mini skirt in black x pink. Cute with 3 layers of ruffles, the 3rd tier being sheer ruffled black tulle. Please check out the Little Macaron Etsy Shop for more details and if you want to purchase!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pretty in Dots JSK now in the Little Macaron Etsy Shop

Hello everyone~! It's been awhile, season are changing quite fast around here as it's snowing today, right before Halloween. I got to help out friend's table in Artist Alley for New York Comic Con this past month and had a great time! I'm so glad I was able to see everyone up there, and participating in many events (many of which were by Capcom lol).

Anyways~! Pretty in Dots JSK is now available in the Little Macaron Etsy Shop~! This is a made to order piece to ensure the best fit for you, the client. Please have a look~! I would also like to announce another reduction to my sale items~! All sample dresses with matching headbows will now be $140! Check it out~!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Hello everyone~! So today starts the Little Macaron Etsy Sample Sale~! Also Queen's Candy Collection is now 30% off the original prices. In the sample sale includes the "Alice and the White Rabbit" JSK in pale pink with matching headbow. Queen's Candy JSK in pink with matching headbow. Finally, Bambi's Prince Fairy Tale skirt in cream. Don't miss this opportunity to own an original piece!

Be sure to check out my Etsy shop for the sales and new items coming your way~!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV event at Tokyo Rebel, Sample Sale, and Queen's Candy Sale!

Back from another short yet very eventful trip to NYC~! This time, many friends and I got to join the NHK Tokyo Kawaii TV event at Tokyo Rebel! A good number of us lolitas got a one on one interview and were filmed inside the store, as well as treated to a free tea party at Cha-an for more filming! Designers Zoh of Morrigan NYC and Kelsey of I Do Declare were also at the event!

The show will premier in Japan around late October or early November. A copy of the film will be sent to Tokyo Rebel for viewing inside their store.

Also~! Little Macaron will be having a Sample Sale! Sample pieces from the "Alice and the White Rabbit" collection, "Queen's Candy" collection, and a hand made piece from before the brand was started will be for sale the Little Macaron Etsy shop. Both sample pieces from the past collections will be sold as sets with matching headbows for a low set price. Finally~! All "Queen's Candy" ready to wear pieces will be on sale at 30% off. "Pretty in Dots" collection will soon be put in the Etsy shop as well!

All sales will start tomorrow~! So please go check them out!


Photo by Lee Chae-rin

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back from Fashion's Night Out NYC

Carla of Corazon Caramela, Tarina Tarantino, and I

Hey everyone~! So this is just a very small report on Fashion's Night Out NYC. My dear friend and fellow designer Carla of Corazon Caramela and I went out on the town for NYC's Fashion's Night Out. So many things happening all around, we couldn't possibly go to everything we had on our list, at least we got to party at Betsey Johnson in Soho, and meet some amazing designers~!

Notably, we were able to meet Tarina Tarantino at the Sephora on 17th at Union Sq. The best part about meeting her was that we got to talk about how we have traveled to Japan and our love for Japanese fashion. Tarina is amazing and such a sweetheart, we told her that we were also going to see Yuko Yamaguchi, to which she gave us an autograph booklet of hers to give to Yuko for her, since she couldn't see Yuko that same night. Further up the street we got to see Simone Legno, the designer of Tokidoki, hard at work painting a very large mural outside of the Sephora store. We finally had rushed up to meet Yuko Yamaguchi, the designer of Hello Kitty. We were lucky enough to be let in downstairs of that Sephora to see her and present her with Tarina's autographed booklet. We believe that Yuko was also wearing a dress by Emily Temple Cute.

With Yuko Yamaguchi, designer of Hello Kitty!

Between meeting amazing people and drinking champagne, we also got to hang out with other local lolita friends, as well as some of my favorite SoCal lolitas who came to NYC just for the event! Both Carla and I were sporting our own indie brand garments that were both featured at Otakon's Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show, both Tarina and Yuko loved them very much. So that was truly our night to show off our indie brands and shine among one of Fashion's greatest events.

Finally with some of my favorite SoCal lolitas!

Hope you all enjoy and come out to Fashion's Night Out next year~!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

"Pretty in Dots" Reservations Opening Tonight!

Hello everyone~! As a reminder, reservations for Pretty in Dots JSK, Skirt, and Headbow are opening tonight at 9pm EST and will end on the 7th at 9pm EST. Please check out the "reservations" tab up at the top for more info!

Thanks for looking~!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fall Sale! "Pretty in Dots" Reservations!

Hello everyone! I'm back from my month long vacation and now ready to tackle some more sewing projects! First off, I would like to announce my fall sale on Etsy! From September 3rd through the 23rd will be my 20% off sale. Please use the coupon code "LuffyStrawHat" to get 20% off any purchase you make!

Finally~ "Pretty in Dots" JSK, Skirt, and Headbow reservations will be up very soon! A very limited number will be made so be sure to put in your reserve spot! Reservations will start on Sunday the 4th at 9pm EST and will end on the 7th at 9pm EST, or until all spots have been filled. This collection will only come in the Pink x Black colorway. Prices for the Pretty in Dots collection will be as followed, JSK $250, Skirt $130, Headbow $25.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Items in the Shop!

So I just did some major updates to my Etsy Shop~! Not only is the "One Piece Luffy Pirates" collection now available, but new "Queen's Candy" headbows and the skirt version in pink are available as well! Finally, Fairy Kei Deco style tulle headbows in many different colorways are now available! These are left over from my artist alley sales from Otakon, so don't miss out on these really cute and colorful headbows~!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

New "One Piece Luffy Pirates" Collection, Otakon Lolita Fashion Show, and Fall Preview!

Hello everyone~!

This past weekend was a very fun filled, exciting, and exhausting weekend. Little Macaron and Roserie were at Otakon 2011, selling our goods in Artist Alley and putting on a great fashion show at the Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show!

So first off, I would like to announce the release of my new summer collection~! Part of my sub-label "Mecha Macaron" this collection features the ever popular characters from the anime series "One Piece". Since its debut at Otakon, many pieces from this collection have been selling out, and only 2 pieces are remaining! Please check out my Etsy Shop to purchase the remaining pieces from this collection. All headbows and the high waisted skirt from this collection are sold out. To view more detailed photos, please visit the "Whats New" page up top!

Finally~! A preview for fall~! This piece also debut at the Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show for Otakon this past weekend. The name if this collection is called "Pretty in Dots" and will also come in a skirt form, as well as this JSK shown here.

Again, more photos to be found under the "Whats New" tab at the top~!

Stay tuned for more news and photos from Otakon to come~!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


So after about 2 months of non-stop working, sewing, cutting, patterning, stitching, and everything else, I AM FINALLY READY FOR OTAKON 2011!!!

This is a really quick update, but for those who are going, I will be showing a collection at the Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show. The show is at 8:30pm Friday night in panel room 3. Many other indie lolita designers will also be showing. Also~! Roserie, Jewelry and Accessories will be sharing a table with me in Artist Alley~! Please stop by tables T10 and T11 to check out our latest items available for purchase~!

Hope to see you all at Otakon 2011~!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Still alive! Some exciting things coming up ahead!

So it's been a long while and I have some things planned for this coming summer season. First off I would like to introduce Roserie's blog and Etsy for her latest jewelry line inspired by my Queen's Candy collection~! She made some fantastic bracelets that I hope many of you would enjoy.

Second I would like to announce some up coming events~! As many of you know here on the east coast, there will be a Lolita fashion show for Otakon 2011. I will be one of the featured designers among many other indie designers to show their latest collections. I do have a secret mini summer collection I will be showing, but will only be seen and sold at Otakon exclusively. More details on the actual fashion show to come very soon as it is still in the planning stages. I would also like to mention that Roserie (Aisha) and I will have an Artist Alley table at Otakon~! Please come check our stuff out if you are going to this awesome event.

Finally~! I do have some accessories I have been making to sell exclusively at my artist alley table for Otakon. Photos of my sample pieces to come very soon~! Also, this Saturday June 4th is International Lolita Day. I hope many of you will come out and enjoy the day wearing your best dress~! <3

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Queen's Candy Jumper Skirt in Black

Here are photos of my newly finished dress for a client who put in a reservation. The skirt was made just a bit shorter at her request. Don't forget~! Reservations for the Queen's Candy collection will be open until April 15th Friday.

Thanks for looking~!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Miss Christy! You are the winner of the "Follow the White Rabbit" contest, and you get this lovely White Rabbit pearl necklace as your prize.

Please send me an email to and include your name and address to claim your prize.

Thank you to everyone for participating and now following the Little Macaron blog~! Please stay tuned for future contests, news, and of course~ new designs! <3

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Has the Rabbit been caught?!

Thank you everyone who is now following the Little Macaron blog~! We now have over 100 followers and everyone has a chance to win this beautiful White Rabbit pearl necklace! For those who are just finding out about this contest and are now just following this blog, you too have a chance at winning. I will be doing a drawing tonight and a winner will be announced tomorrow afternoon!

When a winner has been announced, please send me an email with your name and address to claim your prize, to be sure you don't let this stunning necklace get away!

Thanks everyone~! <3

Friday, April 1, 2011

"Follow the White Rabbit" Contest

Only 11 people away from making it a full 100 Followers! Since we didn't reach the 100 mark yet, I decided to extend the contest till April 15th Friday. A winner will be announced when we reach the 100 mark or until the due date comes, which ever comes first. So good luck everyone!

Also~ Don't forget that the Queen's Candy collection is now up for reservations! Also until April 15th.

Thanks everyone~! <3

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Queen's Candy Reservations Opening Tonight at 9pm!

Hey everyone~! As a final reminder, reservations are opening up tonight at 9pm for the Queen's Candy collection. The reservation time will remain open until all slots are taken or until April 15th Friday. Anything that hasn't been reserved after that date will be put up on the Etsy shop.

For those who were wondering the measurements of the garments, here are the specs from the sample pieces.

~Jumper Skirt~
Bust: 31" - 36" at Max
Waist: 26" - 30" at Max
Skirt Length: 21" including tulle trim

Waist: 25" - 30" at Max
Skirt Length: 20" including tulle trim

Please Note! These are the measurements for the sample pieces. The garments to be made will be slightly larger by an inch. If you include your own measurements, I can make a more custom fit for you. Also know that I have a window of up to 4 inches max for a larger fit, anything larger will cost extra. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about sizing or putting in a reservations.


Monday, March 28, 2011

Queen's Candy reservation and some news!

Hello everyone~! So it's been awhile and finally getting back on track with this spring collection. I will be opening up reservations for Queen's Candy this Thursday the 31st at 9pm. Please check the Reservations tab at the top of the page for more info. Jumpers skirts will be $240, skirts $130, Headbows $25. All other accessories/jewelry will be put up on my Etsy shop.

In other news! I finally got a recent review from a customer who bought the Alice and the White Rabbit ivory jumper skirt! Delano Hughes wrote this very cute review and included some wonderful detailed photos in her blog; Lolita Weekly.

Please check out the review here:

Finally~! Please don't forget about the "Follow the White Rabbit" contest! I need 100 or more followers for this blog by April 1st! Also, the high waisted skirt of the Alice and the White Rabbit in pale pink is now on sale in my Etsy shop for the end of winter. Please check it out!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Queen's Candy" Spring Collection is now here!

So after a whole week's worth of sewing, I finally have both sample pieces done of the new "Queen's Candy" spring collection. This collection features a very sweet print of macarons and cupcakes and comes in two colorways. I was also able to make two matching accessories to go with the collection. Matching jewelry is still under development as I discuss designs with a fellow indie designer and friend, Aisha of Roserie.

Reservation dates will be up very soon. Right now I am in the middle of transitioning to New York so I won't have much time to sew, so those who are interested in putting in a reservation will have to wait a bit longer for their items to be made and sent out. More details to come very soon about that!

For more photos, please check out the "Whats New" tab at the top of the page!

Please note that these sample pieces are made a bit smaller in size to ensure my own personal fit. They are mainly based off of Japanese brand sizing, but whoever puts in a reserve will have a choice of a more custom fit according to the bodice or waist size. The light pink tulle trim on the pink JSK is also sample only, a brighter pink will be used for the pieces that will be sold. Finally, versions of the macaron brooch/hair clips will also be made in black to match the black colorway of the print.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Follow the White Rabbit Contest! 100 Followers by April 1st!

Hello everyone! It's been awhile. February has certainly been a busy month. The Katsucon "A State of Elegance" Lolita Fashion Show was a huge success! I will certainly be back with a full report on it as I await photographers and reporters update their information on the show. I've also been working on the sample pieces for the "Queen's Candy" spring collection that will soon be available.

For now, I've been gaining a lot of followers to the Little Macaron blog! So for the rest of this spring, I would like to hold a "Follow the White Rabbit" contest! If I get over 100 followers by the end of March, you will automatically be entered to win this beautiful White Rabbit pearl necklace! So if you're already following this blog, tell your friends! Anyone interested in lolita fashion are welcome to join in! The winner will be announced during the first week of April. Remember! I need 100 or more followers by April 1st! Good luck everyone!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

"Queen's Candy" fabric is here! And some wonderful customer reviews!

The new "Queen's Candy" print have finally arrived from Japan! This fabric is simply gorgeous! Macarons and cupcakes adorn the border with lace, and more macarons are scattered through out the print with tiny white polka dots and tiny red hearts. This print comes in pink and black colorways. Unfortunately, sample pieces will not be done in time for the Katsucon 2011 fashion show, so please look out for updates by the end of this month! I hope to have reservations open by Early March.

And now on to some customer reviews! These reviews are by 3 different people who have ordered accessories from me. I want to thank all 3 of these lovely ladies for not only making a purchase, but also taking the time to write these very wonderful reviews. I hope all of you enjoy them too!

KC who ordered the "Heart Lock" rococo style necklace, wrote these review in the EGL community in LiveJournal.

Cami from France ordered a Dragon Ball Kai headbow, and wrote this very cute review in her perosnal blog.

Finally~ This very thorough and informative review was written by Alice, who ordered the pale pink headbow to the "Alice and the White Rabbit" collection, in her personal blog.

Again! Thank you so much for these lovely reviews! <3

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Up coming spring collection!

Happy February! So I finally secured the fabric for my next collection. It's another print from Japan, but this time, I'll be taking a turn over to the more sweet side. This print is called "Queen's Candy" and will come in two colorways, black and pink! I hope to have sample pieces done by the middle of this month. Jumper skirts and regular skirts will be released from this print in both colorways.

In the mean time, I've been working on a small side project. I was able to find this fabric locally and decided to make some skirts and matching headbows (those are to come). But here is the finished skirt that will be in my Etsy shop very soon. A very classic look with roses, lace, and a pink satin ribbon.

A slightly longer version of this skirt will also be made available and will be priced at $75. There is also a section of shirring on the back of the waistband to fit slightly larger sizes. So please look out for this item in my Etsy shop soon!

Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Headbows and Charm Bracelet added to the Shop!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the "Alice and the White Rabbit" headbows and charm bracelets are now available in my Etsy shop, along with two Dragon Ball Kai headbows!

Don't forget! Starting tomorrow, both the ivory jumper skirt and pale pink high waisted skirt will be 15% off from their original price.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

In celebration! Upcoming events!

The Alice and the White Rabbit collection is in near completion. Headbands are coming in for the matching headbows and will be put up on my Etsy page very soon, along with charm bracelets. Also, I have just enough left over to make at least 2 more Dragon Ball Z Kai headbows, which have gained a lot of attention from my personal project last summer. So to celebrate, both the ivory jumper skirt and the pale pink high waist skirt will be put on sale 15% off starting Monday, the 24th. The sale will last for a whole week until the 31st. Only those two items will be on sale for that amount of time, everything else will be at its regular price.

And now for some news! For those who live in the Washington DC area or from around the East Coast, I will be hosting the lolita fashion show for Katsucon 2011, coming up in February on the weekend of the 18th through the 20th. A preview of my collection will be shown and possibly my next collection. The fashion show will be on Saturday the 19th, starting at 1:30pm in room Live 1. So please come out to enjoy the show if you're planning on going to Katsucon.

For more information about Katsucon, please visit their website!
And for those who are interested in purchasing my collection, here is my Etsy page:

Monday, January 17, 2011

"Alice and the White Rabbit" Photo Set

Hello everyone! Just popping in to say that I'm still alive and back from my short vacation to LA for Anime Los Angeles 2011. While I was there, I took the opportunity to work with two great models and dearest friends along with a wonderful photographer for a private photoshoot of my latest collection. Modeling the JSK is Aisha and modeling the high waisted skirt is Jill. Photos by Matthew Rice.

Here are just a few of my favorites from the set.

For more from this photo set, please check out Rattmice's flicker page!

I hope you all enjoyed!