How do you make your clothing? And how often do you have things available?

Little Macaron is a very small design house run entirely by myself, with some help with a few friends. Please know that I am only one person and can only take on so many projects at a time. All of my garments, jewelry, and accessories are hand made by me. Please understand that my items are mainly either "Ready to Wear and Order" or "Made to Order". Made to order items will only be open at certain times and for a very short and limited amount of time. Please see the reservations page for when I update with reservations for certain items, and have a "Made to Order" time slot up. Once the time period has closed, I will not be accepting made to order items until all orders have been made and processed.

Where do you get your materials from? Do you accept commissions?
I try to find the best materials possible to make beautiful dresses for my clientele. I know that quality and service is of the utmost important factor in the Lolita community. Many of my materials I try to get from Japan, so some garments with a special print will be a little bit more expensive because they are being imported. The same goes with accessories and jewelry as well. Please know that many of my materials I get from retailers, as I do not have very many connections to wholesalers. Because of this, the prices are reflected in garments and items being made. Also, because my source of materials are limited, I can not remake certain items. I will, however, have a list of prints and fabrics under the reservations page and their availability status for made to order. Please note that I can only make garments that are part of my standard design collection, I do not accept commissions for different designs.

What are your range of sizes?

The sizes of my garments are similar to that of Japanese brand name items, with shirring for adjustability and range of fit. If you would like to discuss a more custom fit, please let me know before making your order, and I will be happy to work with you!

For many of my garments, The max bust size will be between 39" and 40". the max waist size will be between 30" and 31".