Reservations are now closed~! A made to order listing will appear in my Etsy shop very soon. Thanks everyone!

JSK $250

JSK specs are the following:

Buts: 30" to 35" at Max
Waist: 25" to 29" at Max
Length of skirt: 21" including tulle trim


Waist: 26" to 30" at Max
Length of skirt: 20" including tulle trim

Send your email to:
Please include your name, address, paypal, and the item(s) you want to reserve.
(Include measurements if you want a more custom fit, otherwise it will be made to my specifications. Remember, I base my sizing off of Japanese brand sizes. If you do not give me measurements to ensure the best fit for you, order at your own risk. I want to make sure the wearer is happy with her dress.)

You will be sent an invoice and have 24 hours to pay. Your payment will be kept on hold until the garment is finished and sent to you. If for any reason you can not make the payment or you change your mind, it will go to the next person in line.
Please DO NOT send me the reservation email request before the time stated, it will be ignored and deleted. So please wait until the allowed time to send the email. 

Shipping will be included within the USA and Canada. If you are international, please let me know and I will include a shipping rate for you.

Thanks for looking! <3