Whats New

New Summer Collection is here~!
Also a preview for Autumn~!

Both the "One Piece Luffy Pirates" and the "Pretty in Dots" have made their debut at the Otakon 2011 Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show~!
The "One Piece Luffy Pirates" Collection is now available in my Etsy shop. Only one Jumper Skirt and one Skirt are available. Since the print is very limited and hard to find (at a reasonable price at that), this collection is no longer in production. The High Waisted Skirt and matching headbows are sold out from Otakon.
One Piece Luffy Pirates JSK with back bustle

This JSK was modeled by Kammie of MintyMix

"One Piece Luffy Pirates Skirt"

"One Piece Luffy Pirates" High Waisted Skirt (sold out from the convention)

High Waisted Skirt modeled by Aisha of Roserie

And finally~! A preview for this coming fall! "Pretty in Dots" JSK.

JSK, headbow, and gloves modeled by Yanise.

Photos from the Fashion Show and Photo Shoot are by Petrina Cheng and Jerry Astro.