Terms and Conditions

Thank you for taking the time to view my work! If you are interested in making an order, or putting in a reservation, please review my terms of sales.

Do understand that all of my work is hand made, with great care and time put into each piece. I try to justify the price as much as I can but each line and garment will be priced differently according to the cost of materials, notions, and time put into them.

For all garments (skirts, high-waisted skirts, jumper skirts, and one pieces), please allow up to 3 weeks for the garment to be made and finished. If I run into any problems, I will let you (the client) know as soon as possible. For accessories and jewelry, please allow up to 2 weeks. Please know that depending on the individual order, items may take shorter or longer to make. So please put in your orders as early as you can to allow time before you can get the actual garment or item into your hands.

Terms of pricing:

Please note! These are not set prices, but are the base prices for most garments that I will be making.

Skirts: $140
High Waisted Skirts: $160
Jumper Skirts: $275 to $300
One Pieces: $320 to $340

Prices will vary from piece to piece with differences in materials, and complexity of design and construction. In a few cases, the cost of your garment may even be below base price, but as this is not common, expect to work with these bases prices.


For now, I will only accept PayPal as a from of payment.


Once a garment has been finished from a "made to order" bases, I will contact you as soon as I can to let you know about shipping rates. Or if you let me know ahead of time, I will try and calculate the over all cost of shipping and how to get it to you as quick and a safe as possible.

For "ready to wear" garments, please contact me or order through my Etsy site! (http://www.etsy.com/shop/littlemacaron).

Issues or Returns:

If you have any issues with your garment as far as fitting goes or if you find something wrong that I have overlooked, please let me know as soon as possible so I can try and fix the problem. The sooner you let me know, the better chances of you having your item fixed. Otherwise, please know that all sales are final and I will not issue refunds or accept returns for refunds.

Thank you for taking the time to review my terms and conditions! <3