Thursday, March 31, 2011

Queen's Candy Reservations Opening Tonight at 9pm!

Hey everyone~! As a final reminder, reservations are opening up tonight at 9pm for the Queen's Candy collection. The reservation time will remain open until all slots are taken or until April 15th Friday. Anything that hasn't been reserved after that date will be put up on the Etsy shop.

For those who were wondering the measurements of the garments, here are the specs from the sample pieces.

~Jumper Skirt~
Bust: 31" - 36" at Max
Waist: 26" - 30" at Max
Skirt Length: 21" including tulle trim

Waist: 25" - 30" at Max
Skirt Length: 20" including tulle trim

Please Note! These are the measurements for the sample pieces. The garments to be made will be slightly larger by an inch. If you include your own measurements, I can make a more custom fit for you. Also know that I have a window of up to 4 inches max for a larger fit, anything larger will cost extra. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about sizing or putting in a reservations.


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