Saturday, September 10, 2011

Back from Fashion's Night Out NYC

Carla of Corazon Caramela, Tarina Tarantino, and I

Hey everyone~! So this is just a very small report on Fashion's Night Out NYC. My dear friend and fellow designer Carla of Corazon Caramela and I went out on the town for NYC's Fashion's Night Out. So many things happening all around, we couldn't possibly go to everything we had on our list, at least we got to party at Betsey Johnson in Soho, and meet some amazing designers~!

Notably, we were able to meet Tarina Tarantino at the Sephora on 17th at Union Sq. The best part about meeting her was that we got to talk about how we have traveled to Japan and our love for Japanese fashion. Tarina is amazing and such a sweetheart, we told her that we were also going to see Yuko Yamaguchi, to which she gave us an autograph booklet of hers to give to Yuko for her, since she couldn't see Yuko that same night. Further up the street we got to see Simone Legno, the designer of Tokidoki, hard at work painting a very large mural outside of the Sephora store. We finally had rushed up to meet Yuko Yamaguchi, the designer of Hello Kitty. We were lucky enough to be let in downstairs of that Sephora to see her and present her with Tarina's autographed booklet. We believe that Yuko was also wearing a dress by Emily Temple Cute.

With Yuko Yamaguchi, designer of Hello Kitty!

Between meeting amazing people and drinking champagne, we also got to hang out with other local lolita friends, as well as some of my favorite SoCal lolitas who came to NYC just for the event! Both Carla and I were sporting our own indie brand garments that were both featured at Otakon's Ultimate Lolita Fashion Show, both Tarina and Yuko loved them very much. So that was truly our night to show off our indie brands and shine among one of Fashion's greatest events.

Finally with some of my favorite SoCal lolitas!

Hope you all enjoy and come out to Fashion's Night Out next year~!

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